9. Washington DC Taiwanese Language School 華府台灣語文學校



ABOUT WDCTS (台灣學校簡介)

Established in 1983, teaching Taiwanese languages and preserving Taiwanese cultures have been the purpose of the school. The tradition of the school has always been small class size, frequent interactions between teachers/staff and parents/students, and providing diverse ways of learning. In addition to the regular classroom sections, the school also offers Taiwanese experience to students and friends through folk art demonstrations, cultural performances, Taiwanese children’s play, and so on. There are spring and fall semesters each year, which start in the middle of January and early September respectively. Presently, students aged 1.5 years old to adult are accepted. Washington DC Taiwanese School welcomes not only students from all fluency levels but also those who are interested in joining the school staff and activities.

由台灣人青少年才藝基金會 (TYAF, Taiwanese Youth Arts Foundation) 贊助,於 1983 年創校。台語學校溫暖的氣氛讓大家自然浸潤在台灣文化語言環境中並快樂的學習。秋季及春季班分別於九月第二個禮拜天及一月中開學。除了來學習外,更歡迎有志於文化傳承的鄉親們,一起來幫忙,加入校務和教學的行列!