161. Dr. Taitzer Wang 王泰澤博士

English Name Dr. Taitzer Wang  

漢文名 王泰澤博士
Birth Year 1939
Birth Place Pingtung, Taiwan(屏東萬丹)
First year/ first city /state in the U.S. 1963/Houston/ Texas
Address Ohio
Family 1.Wife: Judy(張喜久)
2.Daughters: Jessica, Martha & Iris
Education 1. National Taiwan Univ. 1961 B.S. Chemistry
2. Rice University 1967 Ph.D. Organic Chemistry


1. Baylor College of Medicine (Houston,TX) 1971 Assistant Researcher
2. Univ of Cincinnati College of Medicine 1977-1991 Associate Professor
3. Little Professor’s Bookstore (小教授書局) 1991-1999 Owner
Publication 1.母語踏腳行/ 2004/04
Hobby 1.Writing 2. Wood Carving(木雕)


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