24. 10 Most Important Events/2016 in T.A. Community

Dear T.A. Friends:
We would like to ask you participating the selection of 10 most important events/2016 in our community. Below is a ballot of 40 events, which we have collected and posted in ”Important/Milestones” section of our website. This is our second times in sponsoring this project.
Please click the link below to view the complete list. You can select up-to 10 events and click the “ Submit” button at the bottom of the ballot.​​
You also can e-mail us “#” in front of the events, which you selected, if you can not submit it from your computer.
Please submit your selection before 12/28.
We will announce the voting results in our January Newsletter/2017 and also post on the website of T. A. Archives.
Thank you for your help in advance.
​P.S. Please also help us forward this ballot to your T.A. Friends. So they can summit their votes​​ to us.







或者您也可以e-mail給我們您所選擇活動的號碼。​Email: ta.museum.org@gmail.com

我們將會將票選結果,公布在台美史料中心網站(​Website: www.taiwaneseamericanhistory.org)以及一月份的月訊中。




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