30. Newsletter of T.A. Archives to TAA/President/Local and USA

​Dear President of TAA/Local Chapter :

Formosan Clubs and Taiwanese American Associations ( TAA) are important T. A. organizations in our history. Also it is the early ones, playing the leading role for many other T. A. organizations to happen later.

Some of these earlier ones are still active after more than five decades, but unfortunately some had ceased their operation. It is time for us to collect and record the historical information, documents, articles, photos and artifacts of these organizations.

T.A. Archives has been embarking this ambitious project. With the help of some T. A., we have accomplished a small portion of this project. The information are collected on the website and the related publications and artifacts are displayed in T. A. Archives Center in Irvine , CA.  We urgently need much more help from our community before it is too late.

We have learned that you were the President of local TAA and the President of TAA/USA.

You probably still keep some of information, publications, photos and artifacts of local TAA and/or TAA/USA. Please contact us if  you can donate or share those historical information and artifacts with us.

The below is a summary table of the important historical information of 93 Formosan Clubs and TAAs (arranged by State), which we have found so far. There are lots of missing information( with ??? marks). If you have those information, please let us know. Also if we missed some ones or have incorrect information, please let us know too.

            Summary Table of the Historical Information of Formosa Club / TAA 5/8/17
NO. State English Name Hajji Name Starting Status Website Journals Newsletters Note
1 Taiwanese Association of America (TAA) 全美台灣同鄉會 1970 Active http://www.taa-usa.org/ Collected Collected
2 AL Alabama Central Chapter 阿拉巴馬中部同鄉會 ??? Stop http://www.taa-alc.org/ Not Yet Not Yet
3 AL Huntsville 蕃薯味同鄉會 ??? Active https://www.facebook.com/HuntsvilleTAA/ Not Yet Not Yet
4 AK Alaska Chapter 阿拉斯加同鄉會 1991 Stop Not Yet Not Yet
5 AZ Arizona 亞利桑那州同鄉會 1989 ??? https://www.facebook.com/Taiwanese-American-Association-of-Arizona-1455311151348337/ Not Yet Not Yet
6 CA Bakersfield 貝城台灣同鄉會 1996 ??? Not Yet Not Yet
7 CA Laguna Woods Village LWV同鄉會 2004 Active Collected Collected
8 CA Cerritos 喜瑞都同鄉會 ??? Stop Not Yet Not Yet
9 CA East Los Angeles Chapter 東洛杉磯同鄉會 ??? Stop Not Yet Not Yet
10 CA Long Beach Chapter 長堤同鄉會 ??? Stop Not Yet Not Yet
11 CA Los Angeles Chapter 洛杉磯同鄉會 ??? Stop Not Yet Not Yet
12 CA Los Angeles – East San Gabriel Valley 洛杉磯聖東同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
13 CA San Gabriel Chapter 聖蓋博同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
14 CA SC South Bay Chap 南加州南灣同鄉會 ??? ??? Not Yet Not Yet
15 CA West Los Angeles Chapter 西洛杉磯同鄉會 ??? Stop Not Yet Not Yet
16 CA West Orange Chapter 西柑縣同鄉會 ??? Stop Not Yet Not Yet
17 CA Orange County Taiwanese Association (OCTA) 柑縣同鄉會 1987 Active Collected Collected
18 CA Taiwanese Association of Northwest Los Angeles 洛杉磯西北區同鄉會 1990 Active http://www.tanla.org/ Not Yet Not Yet
19 CA San Diego Taiwanese Culture Association (SDTCA) 聖地牙哥同鄉會 1975 Active http://www.taiwancenter.com/sdtca/ Collected Collected
20 CA Sacramento Area Formosan Association (SAFA) 沙加緬度同鄉會 ??? Active http://www.safausa.org/ Not Yet Not Yet
21 CA TAIWANESE AMERICAN FEDERATION OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA (TAFNC) 北加州同鄉聯合會 1973 Active http://tafnc.org/en/ Collected Collected
22 CA Taiwanese Alliance for Interculture 台灣協志會 (北加州) 1973 Active Collected Collected
23 CA South Bay Taiwanese Association 北加州南灣同鄉會 1971 Active http://www.helptaiwan.org/ Collected Collected
24 CA South East Bay Taiwanese Association (SEBTA) 北加州東南灣同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
25 CA East Bay Taiwanese Association (EBTA) 北加州東灣同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
26 CA San Francisco Taiwanese Association (SFTA) 舊金山同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
27 CA Mid-Peninsula Taiwanese Association (MPTA) 北加州中半島同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
28 CA Silicon Valley Taiwanese American Association (SVTAA) 矽谷同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
29 CO Colorado 科羅拉多州同鄉會 1976 Active Not Yet Not Yet
30 CT Connecticut 康州同鄉會 ??? Stop Not Yet Not Yet
31 DL Delaware Chapter 德拉瓦同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
32 DL Greater Wilmington Formosan Club 大威明頓同鄉會 ??? ??? Not Yet Not Yet
33 FL Greater Orlando Chapter 大奧蘭多同鄉會 ??? Active http://orlandoformosans.blogspot.com/ Not Yet Not Yet
34 FL South Florida Chapter 南佛州同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
35 FL 北佛羅里達同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
36 FL 中佛羅里達同鄉會 1986 Active Not Yet Not Yet
37 FL Taiwanese Association of Tampa Bay, FL 佛州天霸市同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
38 GA Atlanta Taiwanese Association of America (ATAA) 亞特蘭大同鄉會 ??? Active http://ataa.us/portal111/index.php Not Yet Not Yet
39 HI Hawaii Chapter 夏威夷同鄉會 2010 Active Not Yet Not Yet
40 IL Greater Chicago Chapter 芝加哥同鄉會 1954 Active http://taagcc.blogspot.com/ Not Yet Not Yet The first one
41 IO Iowa City, Iowa Chapter 愛荷華同鄉會 ??? Stop Not Yet Not Yet
42 KS Taiwanese Association of Greater Kansas City (TAKC) 大堪薩斯市同鄉會 ??? Active https://sites.google.com/site/takcus/ Collected Collected
43 KS Manhattan, KS Chapter 曼哈頓同鄉會 ??? ??? Not Yet Not Yet
44 KS Wichita Chapter 威奇塔市同鄉會 ??? ??? Not Yet Not Yet
45 KY Kentucky-Central Chapter 肯德基中部同鄉會 ??? ??? Not Yet Not Yet
46 LA Baton Rouge, LA Chapter 巴頓魯治同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
47 LA Taiwanese Association of New Orleans 紐奧良同鄉會 ??? Active https://sites.google.com/site/nolataiwanese Not Yet Not Yet
48 MA Boston Chapter 波士頓同鄉會 ??? Active https://sites.google.com/site/taabostonorg/ Not Yet Not Yet
49 MD Baltimore & Columbia Chapter 巴爾的摩同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
50 MI Ann Arbor Taiwanese Association (AATA) 安娜堡同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
51 MI Detroit Chapter 底特律同鄉會 1970 Active Not Yet Not Yet
52 MI Greater Lansing Michigan 密西根蘭莘地區同鄉會 1964 Active Not Yet Not Yet
53 MN Minnesota Chapter 明州同鄉會 1966 Active http://www.taamn.org/ Collected Collected
54 MO Greater St. Louis 聖路易同鄉會 ??? Active http://taa-stl.org/ Collected Collected
55 NV Las Vegas Chapter 拉斯維加斯同鄉會 2007 Active http://sekiong.net/taalv/index.htm Not Yet Not Yet
56 NJ New Jersey Chapter 紐澤西同鄉會 1973 Active http://www.taa-nj.org/ Collected Collected
57 NJ Northern New Jersey Chapter 北澤西同鄉會 ??? Active Collected Collected
58 NJ South Jersey Chapter 南澤西同鄉會 ??? Stop Collected Collected
59 NJ Windsor Area Taiwanese American Association 溫莎鎮同鄉會 ??? Stop Collected Collected
60 NY Central New York 紐約上州同鄉會 ??? Active http://www.cnytaiwanese.com/ Collected Collected
61 NY Buffalo Chapter 法羅(水牛城)同鄉會 1985 ??? Not Yet Not Yet
62 NY New York 大紐約區同鄉會 ??? Active http://www.taany.org/ Collected Collected
63 NY Long Island 長島同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
64 NY Capital District, New York 紐約州首府區同鄉會 1971 Active Collected Collected
65 NY Taiwanese Association of Rochester (TAR) 羅徹斯特同鄉會 1976 Active http://taiwaneserochester.wix.com/taiwaneserochester#! Not Yet Not Yet
66 NY Syracuse Chapter 雪城同鄉會 1969 Active Not Yet Not Yet
67 NY Westchester, NY 威徹斯特同鄉會 ??? ??? Not Yet Not Yet
68 NC Northern Carolina 北卡同鄉會 ??? Active http://www.taa-nc.org/ Not Yet Not Yet
69 NC Raleigh, NC Chapter 羅里同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
70 NC Charlotte Taiwanese-American Association, NC (CTAA) 北卡夏洛特市同鄉會 ??? Active http://www.charlottetaiwan.org/ Not Yet Not Yet
71 OH Cincinnati, Ohio 辛城同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
72 OH Cleveland Chapter 克里夫蘭同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
73 OH Columbus, Ohio 哥倫布同鄉會 ??? Active Collected Collected
74 OH Dayton, Ohio 戴頓同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
75 OK Oklahoma Chapter 奧克拉荷馬州同鄉會 1968 Active https://sites.google.com/site/taaoklahoma/ Not Yet Not Yet
76 OR Portland, OR Chapter 波特蘭同鄉會 ??? Active http://tagp.org/index.html Not Yet Not Yet
77 PA Greater Philadelphia Chapter 大費城同鄉會 1960 Active http://www.taagp.org/ Not Yet Not Yet
78 PA Pittsburgh Chapter 匹玆堡同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
79 SC South Carolina Chapter 南卡同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
80 TN East Tennessee Chapter 東田納西同鄉會 ??? Active http://web.utk.edu/~changhui/taaet2006 Not Yet Not Yet
81 TN Knoxville, E.Tenn Chapter 諾克斯維爾同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
82 TX Clear Lake, TX Chapter 明湖城同鄉會 1980 ??? Not Yet Not Yet
83 TX College Station, TX Chapter 卡城同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
84 TX Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter 達拉斯同鄉會 ??? Active http://www.taadfw.org/ Not Yet Not Yet
85 TX Houston Chapter 休士頓同鄉會 1970 Active http://www.taahouston.org/ Collected Collected
86 TX San Antonio 聖安東尼同鄉會 ??? Active http://taiwanesesanantonio.org/ Not Yet Not Yet
87 TX Austin Taiwanese Association 奧斯汀同鄉會 1970 Active https://austintaiwanese.org Not Yet Not Yet
88 UT Greater Salt Lake 大鹽湖區同鄉會 ??? Active http://www.tagsl.org/ Not Yet Not Yet
86 VA Richmond, VA Chapter 里奇蒙同鄉會 ??? ??? Not Yet Not Yet
87 WA GREATER SEATTLE 大西雅圖區同鄉會 ??? Active http://www.tagseattle.org/ Not Yet Not Yet
88 WI Milwaukee Chapter 密爾沃基市同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
89 WI Madison 麥城同鄉會 ??? Active Not Yet Not Yet
90 DC Greater Washington, DC 華府同鄉會 1967 Active http://www.taagwc.org/ Not Yet Not Yet
91 The East Coast Formosan Club ??? Stop Not Yet Not Yet
92 The West Coast Formosan Club ??? Stop Not Yet Not Yet
93 World Federation of Taiwanese Associations (WFTA) 世界台灣同鄉會聯合會 (世台會) 1974 Active Not Yet Not Yet

Thank you for your help in advance and look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.



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