2173. Prof. Chi-Tsong Chen/陳啓宗教授/01/2019

English Name Prof. Chi-Tsong Chen  




漢文名 陳啓宗教授
Birth Year(Year only) 1936
Birth Place Kaohsiung, Taiwan
First year / First city / state arrived U.S. Year:1962
City: New York State: NY
Present Address State only: NY
Family 1. Wife: —
2. Daughter: —
3. Son: —
4. Parents: —
Education 1.National Taiwan University 1954-1958 B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
2.Hsinchu Chaio Tong University 1958-1960- M.S. in Electrical Engineering
3.University of California, Berkeley 1962-1966 Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

1.Stony Brook University/SUNY


1966-1969 Assistant Professor
1969-1974 Associate Professor
1974- 2011 Professor
Accomplishment 1. Published four textbooks.  One of them has been a standard in the field since 1970.


1. A free book can be downloaded from my website.  The book derived, using high school math, Einstein’s relativity time and discussed its use in GPS.
Hobby 1. —
Website or Blog www.ctchen.me