124. Philip Wu 吳庭和, Tenor/ 2015/01

Philip Wu 吳庭和, Tenor

吳庭和1Mr. Wu came to New York and studied voice with C. Segrera, and A. Lavanne and at the Julliard School.

In 1969 he was awarded first prize winner in vocal competition by New York Music Teacher Associa­tion and, in 1976, second place at the Y.W.C.A. Vocal Competition. He has performed with the Richmond Theater Collection and Brooklyn Lyric Opera and given numerous recitals at Alice Tully Hall as well as Merkin Hall. Mr Wu has devoted himself to the singing and interpretation of Taiwan­ese vocal music and folk songs, which have been received warmly. The New York Times praises Mr. Wu as “…a first rate lyric tenor voice: handsome, flexible and well equalized.”


吳庭和在大學時曾得全台灣歌唱比賽冠軍, 畢業後來紐約朱利亞音樂院進修。1969得 紐約音樂教師會歌唱比賽冠軍,1976YWCA 舉辦的歌唱比賽第二名,1984美國歌劇比赛 得獎。他曾參與里奇曼劇集,布碌侖抒情歌劇,也在林肯中心及墨爾金音樂房及北美各 大都市開過多次演唱會。他曾受邀在各地台 灣人夏令會,二二八紀念會,台灣加入聯合 國開幕典禮,及紐約國際文化節演唱台灣民謡。平時熱衷於邀請作曲家將台灣民謡配 鋼琴伴奏使之成為正式音樂會中最受歡迎的 曲目。紐約時報評論説「吳庭和擁有第一流 的抒情男高音歌聲,優美,具彈性而且均勻」。

摘自Formosan Melodies on Nov. 25, 1995