135. Jau-Ching Lai 賴昭晴,Pianist / 2015/02

Jau-Ching Lai 賴昭晴,Pianist

賴昭晴Jau-Ching Lai is a graduate of Soo-Chow University in Taiwan, majoring in Vocal, minoring in Piano. Previously in 1990, she was a student of Professor Natalie Bodanyia at Manhattan School of Music. She received her master degree in Music from USC in 1993 and has studied with Professor magaret Schaper and Professor Bard Souverkrop. Currently, she is an assistant conductor for the Chin-Chin Children’s Children’s Choir in Pomona and pursues a career as a piano teacher.

賴昭晴,畢業於台灣東吳大學,主修聲樂,副修鋼琴。1990 年於曼哈頓音樂院師事Natalie Bodanyia教授。1991年於南加州大 學攻讀音樂演奏碩士,師事Magaret Schaper教授。 於1993年取得碩士學位。現師事Bard Souverkrop教授。現任 Pomona青少年合唱團助理指揮,並從事鋼琴教學。

Source from Saint Paul by Joint Formosan Presbyterian Church Choir / 1995/01