138. Frances Wu 吳涵秋, Mezzo-Soprano / 2015/02

Frances Wu 吳涵秋, Mezzo-Soprano


Frances Wu is a native of Taiwan. She as been studying vocal with the famous vocalist, Professor L.P. Ong since 1984. Ms. Wu has won many awards in vocal competition and appeared as mezzo-soprano soloist in oratorio performances in the Southland. She has received her B.S. de­gree in Biostatistics from UCLA. Currently, she is working at a local hospital.

吳涵秋, 女中音

吳涵秋,自幼習琴,1984年來美師事名聲樂家翁綠萍教授至今, 曾在多項聲樂比賽中獲獎。並受邀在無數次神劇中擔任女中音獨唱, 頗獲佳評。畢業於UCLA生物統計系,現任職於醫院。

Source from Saint Paul by Joint Formosan Presbyterian Church Choir / 1995/01