14. Tai-Ke New York (TKNY) (紐約台客)

  • 成立時間於 2009年

  • 使命

    Through this annual showcase, TKNY hopes to accomplish three main goals:
    • To allow the general population to understand Taiwan through Arts; Visual and Audio
    • Allow artists of Taiwan and the United States to showcase their abilities and their original works to the culturally artistic society of New York. By creating a stage for them in New York City.
    • Allow artists of Taiwan and the United States, especially NYC, to interact and share ideas among their fields, as well as to create possible collaboration projects to further each other’s future developments.

  • 關於紐約台客

    Tai-Ke New York (TKNY) brings together a group of young Taiwanese / Taiwanese-Americans with a shared interest in performing, display, and music and film arts.

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  • 公司簡介  About Us

Tai-Ke 紐約台客: Taiwanese who were born in recent decades who are influenced by western and Japanese styles and have resulted in a distinct style of clothing and taste in music.
Organized in Fall of 2009, Tai-Ke New York (TKNY) brings together a group of young Taiwanese/Taiwanese-Americans with a shared interest in performing, display, and music and film arts. As amateurs and professionals within their each fields, the founders of TKNY agreed that a formal stage must be created in order for other independent individuals and groups in Taiwan to have the chance to showcase their arts in front of a live audience. This stage must however be in New York City, as New York City is where all types of arts come together and make their debut to the international community.
You may ask; why Taiwan? Taiwan’s unique culture and society, a mix of American and Japanese influence as well as a growing Taiwanese identity has created some of the best Chinese modern musicians and film producers, among the few, Jay Chao and Ang Lee. Following in their lead are a new growing trend in indie bands, film makers, dance, and visual artists. However, currently there are no government systems or organizations in place to encourage such artistic presentations and as such, many groups or individuals have had to create fame for themselves and once a group or individual has attained international recognition, then as such the government would step in and openly support the group/individual. Some groups that had to work their way to fame without any support includes bands such as black metal group San Ling (aka. Chthonic) and Kou-Chou Ching. TKNY hopes to change all that by creating a stage in which these indie groups/individuals may showcase their art/performances. With this stage we want to share with all of New York City and the rest of the world that even Taiwan is on par with the rest of the world in music, art, film, and dance. TKNY goes as far as to open our stage not only to just Taiwan based artists, but also Asian-American groups and individuals in the states, as a way of cultural exchange between the different participants.
  • https://www.facebook.com/TaiKeNewYork/

Source from TKNY

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