15. AsianInNY (亞洲人在紐約)

ASIANinNY.com: The First and Most Comprehensive Asian Networking Site

New York, NY – Aug 8th, 2008 – Launched at 8:08 PM on 8/8/08, ASIANinNY.com was created as the FIRST Asian networking site for those who are living or plan to live in New York City. We are unique in that we personally understand how difficult it can be to move to NYC and try to ‘survive’ here. We understand the basic needs such as school, work, or leisure, and we know how to help. Simply put, we pride ourselves on providing everyone with everything they need to thrive in the city that never sleeps! All of this for free!

Our resources are based on valuable information gathered by a community of experts and people just like you looking to live and succeed in New York City. ASIANinNY.com offers a cultural slice of the Asian life – with everything from Jobs, Housing, Networking, Studying, Sample Sales, Local Events, Restaurants, Travel and News – you can find everything here at your fingertips. The site is updated everyday, so you can always indulge yourself with our vast resources.

We scour the web every day in order to find you the best deals.

Looking for a cheap apartment in a good location? ASIANinNY will find you the best place in the city.

Searching for the best school? Our Studying section will provide information for you on every school and learning center in the City.

Interested in business networking? ASIANinNY is filled with Asians or people with an interest in Asian businesses and culture.

Our restaurant directory will never leave you hungry, as you will find a multitude of the best eateries in NYC to satiate your appetite.

We post the most entertaining events throughout the city, where you can meet and greet with fellow Asians or people within your local community. With headquarters in New York City, ASIANinNY is located in the heart of the nation’s hottest nightlife, swankiest restaurants and best locales. We strive to find and locate anything and everything that is going on in the City.

The goal of ASIANinNY is to facilitate connection. We intend to help those living in New York City to find their way, both within their own lives and their communities. There is nothing harder than entering a new city or culture without a little help, which is why ASIANinNY wants to help ease this transition. Instead of feeling lost, one can feel independent and secure with the help of ASIANinNY.com and all of its resources. We even provide Visa information for those who need help in obtaining one.

The best part about ASIANinNY is that membership is FREE. Once you become a member, you will be granted access to all of the exclusive listings and postings that we provide. Armed with our NYC information, you will be able to establish yourself in a safe and sound manner, with plenty of fun and entertainment.

With thousands of daily users, anyone can sign up with ASIANinNY to become immediately connected within the Asian network even if one is not Asian. This is a site for everyone who loves and wants to understand more about the Asian culture. Most importantly, this site was built by local New Yorkers from all parts of the world who know best of what New York City has to offer!
Now go ahead and take advantage of the New York living!

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成立於2008年,目的是為了幫助住在紐約或預計來紐約的亞洲人建立起一個交流網絡。紐約是個迷人的國際型大都市,也是時尚流行最前端的城市,我們知道在紐約生活包含住宿, 交友, 旅遊,讀書, 實習或工作並不容易更不便宜,因此,我們希望能提供任何關於在紐約生活方面等協助!如有需要或有任何問題請直接email到亞洲聯絡窗口Yonie@AsianInNY.com,我們會儘快回覆的!

Website: http://www.asianinny.com/



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