289. I-Bei Lin 林怡貝, Cellist / 2015/09

I-Bei Lin 林怡貝, Cellist

林怡貝#Dr. I-Bei Lin is an Associate Professor of Cello and Chair of Strings at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa.  Dr. Lin, a native of Taiwan, received her Doctor of Music degree with Honors and her Master of Music degree from Northwestern University.  She holds a Bachelor of Music degree with Distinction from the Eastman School of Music.

She has given solo recitals at in ten countries: Austria, Belgium, China, France, Germany, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, and United States. A fabulous review from the Carnegie hall debut stated, “Dr. Lin is a very fine cellist. Her technique is effortless, secure and masterful; her tone is pure, warm, sonorous and variable in color, nuance and intensity.”  A review in Austria stated that “Beauty of tone, high contrasts and a presentation of masterly perfection characterized the young cellist.”  Another review of her recital in Bangkok enthused, “the grand, deep, and rich sound of I-Bei’s cello, which reminded me of the Russian cello master Rostropovich..”

While living in Taiwan, Dr. I-Bei Lin’s exceptional talent was recognized by the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts. She was the only cellist in her native country to be selected for and offered a full scholarship to study in the United States.  Dr. I-Bei Lin is a founding cellist of two faculty piano trios at the University of Hawaii-Manoa: Trio Manoa and Trio Xia. Dr. Lin served as a principal cellist at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival Orchestra in Germany and Denmark and the Tanglewood Young Artist Festival Orchestra in Boston.  She performed with the Pacific Music Festival Orchestra in Japan under Christoph Eschenbach and Michael Tilson Thomas, and the New York String Seminar Orchestra in Carnegie Hall under Alexander Schneider.  Her primary teachers included Hans Jorgen Jensen, Steve Doane and Pamela Frame.

林怡貝博士從小在台灣接受專業音樂教育,由於資質優異,十五歲即通過我教育部資賦優異生鑑定,同時取得美國Idyllwild藝術學校全額獎學金赴美就讀,於美國西北大學音樂學院獲得大提琴演奏碩士及博士學位;曾師事林肇富、Hans Jorgen Jensen、Steve Doane、Pamela Frame及Julie Homles等教授;目前任教於美國州立夏威夷大學音樂學院、並擔任弦樂組負責人及美國全國音樂老師弦樂比賽夏威夷州評審。

從在高雄鹽埕國小及新興國中音樂實驗班就讀時就展現音樂長才的林怡貝,十五歲即通過台灣教育部資賦優異生鑑定,同時取得美國Idyllwild藝術學校全額獎學金來美就讀。之後以特優成績畢業於伊斯曼音樂學院,並在美國西北大學音樂學院深造,獲得大提琴演奏碩士及博士學位。林怡貝目前在夏威夷州立大學音樂系教授大提琴,負責弦樂組,並獲聘為美國全國音樂老師弦樂比賽夏威夷州評審。除了教學,林怡貝曾在泰國、新加坡、紐西蘭等地舉行獨奏會,並參加德國 Schleswing-Hotstein 音樂管弦樂團、美國 Tanglewood 青年藝術家音樂節、夏季西北大學交響樂團、美國 Elmhurst 交響樂團、 Kona室內樂團及路德學院管弦樂團擔任大提琴首席。她曾與紐約弦樂團在卡內基音樂廳演出,演奏足跡遍及美國、法國、西班牙、德國、丹麥、荷蘭、泰國、紐西蘭及日本等國。

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