327. Thomas Ming-Chieh Wu 吳明杰, Vocalist / 2016/02

Thomas Ming-Chieh Wu 吳明杰, Vocalist


Dr. Wu was born in Taiwan, County of Tainan. He received his B.S. degree from the Department of Music/violin at the National Taiwan Normal University. He came to the US via Vienna and received his Master’s degree in Fine Arts and Voice Performance from UCLA, then his doctoral degree in Musical ArWocal Art from USC. He is the first Taiwanese musician with a Doctor’s degree in Vocal Arts. His talent is not only in vocal arts and in his violin performances, but also in conducting chamber orchestras, symphony orchestras, and choirs.

In 1995, Dr. Wu founded Los Angeles Taiwanese American Chamber Orchestra. It was expanded in 1999 to become Los Angeles Taiwanese American Symphony Orchestra. Dr. Wu serves as conductor and supervisor in both orchestra. Their yearly performance of Taiwanese and American music is one of the local’s favorite concerts. Dr. Wu hopes his effort will encourage more Taiwanese American to participate in musical arts and also attract main stream American to understand the art of Taiwanese music.

出生於台灣省台南縣。國立師範大學音樂系學士,在維也納深造後來美 國進修,獲UCLA音樂碩士學成後繼續在USC榮獲音樂及聲樂博士。

他可稱是聲樂上第一位撻有博古學位的台灣人。除了主修聲樂、小提琴 /之外,他在室内樂團指揮、交響樂瓦合唱團的指導也都有很深的造詣。

一九九五年,吳博士創設洛杉磯台美室内樂團。該樂團在一九九九年經 擴大編制而成為台美交響樂團。他們每年表演的台灣音樂及美國音樂已 成為洛城地區台美人的愛好。吳博士期望他的努力能鼓勵更多的台美人 參與音樂並吸引美國主流對台灣鄉土音樂的興趣及認識。