40. Sun Ten Museum 順天美術館

順天美術館擁有一份具有文獻價值的台灣藝術家作品的收藏, 簡稱”順天收藏”, 順天美術館為一在美國立案的非營利基金會, 以推動台灣藝文教育及活動, 推薦介紹台灣藝術家為宗旨的美術館.

順天美術館除了定期更換順天收藏展覽,每年策劃大型的主題展外,現正積極籌備成立-台灣藝術家資訊中心及台灣藝術家作品借調中心。順天美術館將策劃系列性 Icon Taiwan 實驗特展/直取Icon音譯,並融入 icon 意/象的內涵,及心態上期許會發生的行為,故特展以”愛看”台灣文化為展覽中文 Title,每一系列均分發生及新生兩部份,發生部份:探討及挖掘整理過去發生在台灣這塊土地上的該分類項目之各種資訊。

Sun Ten Museum, located in the city of Irvine, California, was founded in 1996 in commemoration of Dr. Hong-yen Hsu. The late Dr. Hsu devoted his life to the study and scientific modernization of Chinese Herbal formulas, wherefore he was dubbed “Father of Scientific Chinese Herbal Medicine”. Besides his endeavored devotion to promoting the scientific modernization for Chinese herbal remedies, Dr. Hsu also maintained an ideal that arts are the best medical therapies. This fine arts museum collects and preserves the precious cultural treasure from varies art movements over the past 100 years of art movement on a beautiful island – Taiwan. The museum is aimed to serve as a door that is always open for everybody to share the culture and also as a bridge for cultural interchange among the various peoples on this beautiful land, the United States of America.