45. Newsletter of T.A. Archives March, 2018

 Taiwanese American Archives (台美史料中心) March 2018 issue NO. 35




·       228 Memorial Services, Exhibitions and Concerts in The U. S.:

We have been collecting and recording the information of 228 memorial services, exhibitions and concerts, etc.. sponsored by T. A. organizations in the U. S. as shown in the link below:


If you do not see the activities by your T. A. organization, please e-mail its information to us for recording.

  • Finding Your Roots:

We collect your bio information for posting on “ Who’s Who” section of T. A. Archives’ website. We also collect your articles, documents, awards, honors, photos, tapes, etc.. in “ Private Collections” under your name. Many generations later,  your blood descendants can find their roots from T. A. Archives.

The table in the link below is our standard bio form showing what kinds of bio information are needed:


Please e-mail your bio information to us. You can fill out the form or just send us your information. 


·       The Book of “Our Journeys”:

The first draft copy is currently posted on T. A. Archives’ website as shown in the link below (about 470 pages):


Please let us know your suggestions and additions. With your inputs, we hope to make it better for publication.

·       The Book of “My Stories”:

We have collected 629 life stories of T. A. individuals so far as shown in the link below:


It will be organized in following three categories for publication:

  1. Autobiography, written by the person himself or herself
  2. Biography, written by others
  3. Life Stories and activities

Please e-mail us your friends and your life stories for our consideration to be included in this book.

  • The Files of the Historical Information of T. A. Ethnic Group:

We are building up files of possible subjects related to T. A. history for keeping articles, documents, photos etc. and are stored in file cabinets in T. A. Archives Center. It will be easier for reviewing and searching information of T. A. history.

·       “First/Famous” Collected in February 2018:

  1. Chen-Chong Lin 林建中 / Famous T. A. Professor Have Teaching and Research Career in Taiwan, Germany, Japan and the U. S.  from 1966 to 1999
  2. Abby Hong / Daily Pennsylvania player of the week – Distance Queen / 02/2018  

·       “Winners of Prestigious Awards” Collected in February 2018:

  1. 紐約威郡YWCA藝術傑出成就獎 / Rita Chen Kuo 陳芳玉 /06/2002
  2. American Psychological Association Distinguished Scientific Award for Early Career Contribution to Health Psychology 2004 and Endowed Chair / Edith Chen/Illinois
  3. Corps of Engineers – Engineer of the Year 2011 / Emma Chen / Florida

·       “Pride of T. A.” Collected in February 2018:

  1. Chen-Chong Lin 林建中教授
  2. Fu-Chen Lo 羅福全博士

·       “Videos” Collected in February 2018:

  1. 林博逸 Paul Bo Yi Lin’s painting for 2018民視賀歲動畫愛台灣 / Referred by Ms. A. Tsai
  2. 羅福全之一生 from Taiwan History by Formosa TV (台灣民視的台灣演藝節目)
  3. 1947 序曲 末段樂章《台灣翠青》by Tyzen Hsiao蕭泰然 / Referred by Mr. Ahhee Hsu

·       Donations Received in February 2018:

  1. ILHA FOFMOSA, Independent Formosa, FORMOSAgram, and 2017-2018 TAA-Boston Directory, donated by Mrs. M. Tsai ( Boston)
  2. Two Banners of NAPTA (2017), donated by Prof. C. Li (Bloomington, IL). See the link below:


·       “Publications” Collected in February 2018:

No. Publications # on website Titles of Publications Authors/Donors Published
1 1185 李氏台語辭典 李春祥(Donated by Dr. Henry Lee) 05/2001
2 1186 台灣人智慧俗語 溫惠雄(Donated by Mr. Tim Wang) 05/2002
3 1187 台灣人智慧歇後語 溫惠雄(Donated by Mr. Tim Wang) 11/2004
4 1189 北美洲台灣人醫師協會2017 南加州分會年刊 NATMA S.C. Chapter (Donated by Dr. D. Hsu) -/2017
5 1190 A Legislative History of The Taiwan Relations Act Vol. 4 Hon. Lester L. Wolff, Dr. Jon D. Holstine, and John J. Brady III (Donated by Mr. Tim Wang) 03/2004
6 1191 The Formosa Furies – Flight for Freedom George T. Wu (Donated by Mr. Tim Wang) -/2009
7 1192 古今台外 陳雷公(Donated by Mr. Tim Wang) 02/2016
8 1193 海內外台灣國是會議VI 世界台灣人大會、台灣國家聯盟(Donated by Mr. Tim Wang) 03/2015
9 1194 自由民主制的啟示(The Revelation of Liberal Democracy Thomas C. Chen (Donated by Mr. Tim Wang) 01/2010
10 1195 自由民主制 -(Donated by Mr. Tim Wang) 01/2008
11 1196 Handbook of Taiwanese Romanization David L. Chen (Donated by Mr. David Chen) 11/2017
12 1197 現代國家的本質 黃森元、程大學(Donated by Mr. Tim Wang) -/2007
13 1198 ()黑名單現場報導 王貴全辦公室(Donated by Mr. Tim Wang) 11/1991
14 1199 台灣戒嚴令 Martial Law In Taiwan Asia Resource Center (Donated by Mr. Tim Wang) -/1985
15 1200 大洛杉磯台灣會館 台文學校教材() 溫惠雄(Donated by Mr. Tim Wang) -/-


Please contact us if your non-professional publications or you know the publications by T. A. organizations and individuals have not been collected by T. A. Archives. All collected publications are listed in the “Publications” section of T. A. Archives’ website.

·       Progress in February 2018:

We collected 108 entries in February 2018. The total entry is 7663:

Categories # posted in January # posted in February # posted up to 2/28/18
My Stories 9 5 629
Our journeys 0 1 330
Publications 27 15 1200
Culture/Artists/Exhibitions 2 1 92
Culture/Musicians/Concerts 0 3 543
Private Collections 3 5 62
First and Famous 3 2 359
Videos 2 3 96
Photo Albums 0 0 186
Who’s Who 19 42 2048
Projects (21 sub-titles) 25 27 966
Our Footsteps 0 0 21
Events / Milestones 1 0 148
Artifacts 1 2 60
Organizations 8 1 879
Newsletters 1 1 44
Total Entries 101 108 7663

·       Contact Us :

Email: taarchivescenter@gmail.com    Tele. #: (949) 294-6041

T.A. Archives (台美史料中心), Irvine, CA 92606