5. Presented by Dr. Shyu-tu Lee / Vancouver, WA / 2015

  1. – NATPA (North America Taiwanese Professors’ Association) Created “NATPA Professor Liao Shutsung Memorial Award,” (NATPA 廖述宗教授紀念獎) and  “NATPA Professor Liao Shutsung Research Award” (NATPA 廖述宗教授研究獎金)
  2. – Many Sunflower Movement students and participants were invited to speak at Taiwanese American Conference summer camps; directly or indirectly they have encouraged young Taiwanese Americans to involve in the community activities.
  3. – 台獨聯盟美國本部(WUFI-USA)and other 7 Taiwanese American organizations co-sponsored[台灣原住民文化宣達團] 美/加巡迴表演, touring five west coast states and 14 cities for one month and one day.
  4. – Taiwanese Americans reacted to Taiwan’s Nine in One election, held on November 29, 2014, enthusiastically and actively support TIW for the 2016  presidential election.