Formosan Association for Public Affairs New Jersey Chapter (FAPA-NJ) (台灣人公共事務會紐澤西分會的活動)

Dear FAPA-NJ members & friends,

Attached are the 2018 FAPA-NJ Auction items for your review and bidding. Pls open attached three ppt files.
There are two vacation resort timeshare units for bidding, one in Pocono and one in Maxico Cancun. There are also FAPA green jackets, electrical hotpot burner, leather bag, tea set and quilling arts for bidding.
Note the starting bid price are much lower than the market price to encourage your bid. The proceeds will benefit FAPA. The tax benefit will go to the item contributor.
You may submit your bids to me at by email with maximum bid price indicating which item it is for. If there is no competing bids, then you will win the item with min bid price. If the are competing bids, then any one with higher max bid will win the bid with the next lower max bid plus $10.
Pls submit your bids through email by this Sunday, 7/15, 12 pm. During the FAPA Open House meeting starting this Sunday at 2:45 pm at TAFPC church we will conduct the final round of bidding in front of the meeting attendees to finalize the bidding.
Any items without bidders will be returned to the contributors.
Pls call me at 551-235-2338 if you have questions.
All are encouraged to make efforts to come attend the FAPA Open House at 2:45 pm. In the meeting we will start with refreshment and social, followed with FAPA reporting, and then the  special speech by our very own Jazz musician Peter Lin on Taiwanese Jazz Music.
Look forward to seeing you soon.
Wen Chang, FAPA-NJ

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