22. Remembering Prof. Wen-Chen Chen (紀念陳文成教授) by Artist Susan Hsiu-fang Liu (陳秀芳) / 2018

Remembering Prof. Wen-Chen Chen 紀念陳文成教授

By 陳秀芳 Susan Hsiu-fang Liu, oil on canvas, 36” x 48”

This painting depicts the incident death of Professor Chen on July 2, 1981, and the artist’s hope for a free and independent Taiwan. In 1981, Dr. Chen, a Professor of statistics at Carnegie-Mellon University, grew up in Taiwan during the martial law period, visited his family in Taiwan with his wife and the one year old son, was taken away by the police because he had donated money to support a pro-democracy magazine. His body was found on the campus of National Taiwan University and this case has not been solved after 30+ years. A life of a Taiwanese academic elite was taken at age of thirty-one.


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