30. George H. Kerr Memorial Foundation 美國柯喬治紀念基金會


George H. Kerr Memorial Foundation

About Us

As a leading provider of Acu-Hematite Therapy, we take pride in offering the best self-help book. It was proved Acupressure Therapy is 89% better than Physical Therapy. Acu-Hematite Therapy should be the best above both therapies. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our readers each and every day. Your estimated donation is $25.00, less than a session of Acupressure Therapy or Physical Therapy.

If you believe in Acu-Hematite Therapy, welcome to be a member of our fundraising family. You keep 15% of what you raise (such as $500.00 donation, you will keep $75.00) up to $100.00 per donation. (such as $1,000 donation, you will keep $100.00, not $150.00)