49. Global Taiwan Institute 全球台灣研究中心


Build a platform for policymakers, academics and the media in the United States and Taiwan for information and analysis, events, and public outreach.

Incubate progressive ideas informed by Taiwan’s political, economic, and cultural developments to facilitate stronger US-Taiwan relations.

Develop an inclusive community of emerging leaders and specialists engaged in public policy within think tanks, media, and NGOs focused on Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific.



Our vision is stronger US-Taiwan relations, based on a policy discourse that reflects objective reality, addresses global change, and engages Taiwan in its own right.



Three Pillars:

To realize the vision and mission of GTI, we pursue three main programs, also known as the “Three Pillars.”

The weekly Global Taiwan Brief  is released every Wednesday and provides insight into the latest news on Taiwan.

The Public Seminar Series is a bi-weekly event on relevant topics.

The Annual Symposium is a larger event that is the product of a year-long collaborative process with several researchers to produce an Annual Report.



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