31. Brief History of Sun Ten Museum 順天美術館的簡介

順天美術館 Sun Ten Museum

順天美術館 Sun Ten Museum



On January 22, 1991, Dr. Hong-yen Hsu departed from his beloved world and family, leaving behind his lifetime collection of Taiwanese art to be shared with his people.  Though his physical presence passed away, his dream and great vision never ceased. Ending five years of unyielding struggles to overcome numerous obstacles, Mrs. Lin-Run Hsu finally accomplished her husband’s dream of establishing a home for the Sun Ten Collection.  With her profound love of her homeland–Taiwan, of every individual soul, and moreover, her firm belief in God, Mrs. Hsu was determined to achieve her husband’s dream and continuously encouraged her children to uphold it.  With the enormous support of the Hsu family, sculptor and close family friend, Fay-long Chen, diligently worked to establish a home for this invaluable collection: the Sun Ten Museum.

The Hong-yen Hsu Memorial Library, hereby known as the Sun Ten Museum, was officially established in 1996.  With over 8,000 square feet, this museum contains a library introducing Dr. Hsu’s life and research and two exhibition rooms (the Sun Ten Hall which houses the main collection of the Taiwanese renowned masters and the Lin Run Hall which serves as a multi-functional space for all exhibitions).  There is also an information center, storage center for the artists’ work as well as for Taiwanese folk art, studios for various workshops, and two refined study rooms.


9200 Jeronimo Rd., Irvine, CA 92618

加州順天美術館 Irvine CA 2017

加州順天美術館創辦人許鴻源夫婦Irvine CA

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