Houston Taiwan Community Center 休士頓台灣人活動中心

Taiwanese Community Center (TCC)

TCC is also known as the home of the Taiwanese Community. Opened since 1992, TCC is owned and managed by the Taiwanese Heritage Society of Houston. Situated in the Southwest of Houston, TCC provides facilities to Taiwanese American and general public not only for social gathering but also for learning. Take a tour through our center you will find this special place filled with laughter, learning, health living, friends, vibrant growing and Taiwanese culture.

On Saturday, children came to TCC for the weekend school to learn Taiwanese, Chinese, English languages, Math, and Taiwanese culture/heritage. Furthermore, our center has been a gathering place for senior citizens to learn, exercise and laugh. To assist people to become more proficient in school or business workplace, many adult continuing educations such as computer workshops have been conducted in our center. Friday night, TCC turns into a focal point for people to gather to share their experience of good time by chatting, playing ping-pong and singing with Karaoke. It is evident that TCC is bustling with people of all ages and the activities that make lives more fulfilled and complete.

Our facilities and programs accommodate a variety of social, educational and recreational needs and interests. The facility including a 15,000 square-feet building in a 2-acre lot detailed as follows:

  • 4,000 Square-ft Grand Hall
  • Taiwanese Cultural Exhibit Windows
  • 800 Square-ft Dance Studio
  • Eight Classrooms
  • Taiwanese Culture Library
  • Regular Library
  • Computer Room
  • Kitchen
  • Conference Room
  • Offices
  • Children Playground
  • Storage Rooms
  • 90-cars Parking Space