Hsinchu High School Alumni Association of North America 北美新竹中學校友會

Hsinchu High School Alumni Association of North America 北美新竹中學校友會

Brief Description

Our alma mater, Hsinchu High School, is located in the foot hill of the beautiful mountain – Dung-San. Our campus is very scenic. It is very close to Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park and neighbors to National Chiao Tung University and National Tsing Hua University.

Our alma mater was opened on April 1, 1922. From her, many students graduated. These include Professor Yuan T. Lee (Class 1955), a 1986 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, the former president of Academia Sinica. Since opening, there have been six Japanese and seven Chinese served as our school’s principals. Mr. T. C. Chang (Class 1966) is the current principal. We thank them for their efforts and sacrifices.

Hsinchu High School Alumni Association of North America was formally established in 2004 under the leadership of Dr. Franklin Y. H. Lee (Class 1956). The current president is Dr. Ming-Hsiung Wu (Class 1961) who is practicing medicine in Chicago..

Starting 2004, the Alumni Association of North America has held three biennial meetings in U.S. The 2004 inaugural conference was held in Cincinnati hosted by the Cincinnati-Dayton Chapter, the 2006 conference was in Chicago by the Chicago Chapter, and the recent one was in Foster City, California by HCHS Alumni Association of Northern California in August of 2008.

Click the links below to learn about our organization including By-Laws approved in 2006, contact information of officers and local chapters across U.S. and Canada, and several documents regarding the alumni association:


1 . 本會已於二 OO 四年六月十二日於美國俄亥州辛辛那提市正式成立。

  1. 已有南加州、芝加哥、克里夫蘭、辛辛那提、德頓、休士頓、新英格 蘭、費城、華府、溫哥華、多倫多、安大略省等分會同意加入。
  2. 會中選出李彥輝( 原名彥慧 )為首屆會長,任期兩年 ( 如出缺時,由陳金福召集改選)。
  3. 無異議通過各分會會長為本會理事,依各分會章程改選遞補。
  4. 通過下次大會於二OO六年在芝加哥舉行,由張系國擔任召集人。
  5. 欲知本會情形﹐請瀏覽http://www.geocities.com/nahchsaa。
  6. 請告訴您所知之竹中人(包括肄畢業、任職過竹中之教職員工)﹐就近加 入分會或以個人名義加入本會是盼。




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