26. LKGT 「老康健」

LKGT is a group of seniors near by who have the same hobby, such as Taiwan politics, travel and etc..
This group has been established for more than ten years, Stanly Sun’s couple is one of the initiators.
We have a regular gathering every Monday noon to three either indoor or outdoor pending on the weather. The attendees are flexible. Normally we do have more than twenty persons attend.
Most of the members in this group are PhDs in different field, Every other month we do have a speech by the member at Taiwanese church in San Leandro Ca.. Sometimes we have invited the pastor to give us a speech as well.
This group consists of twenty families, and, of course, welcome anyone who is interested.
LKGT is not officially registered. It is different from the other Taiwanese associations. We don’t have president, however, every year we will select one of the members who is operating the group activities.

Source form George Chiang

Posted in 04/2016