427. Cheng-Yin (Janine ) Lin 林政穎, violin, piano / 03/2018

Cheng-Yin (Janine ) Lin 林政穎, violin, piano

Cheng-Yin (Janine ) Lin is a native of Taiwan, who earned an undergraduate degree in violin performance in Taiwan, further completed a Master’s Degree at Peabody Institute, and a Doctorate Degree at Louisiana State University. Her minors are piano and conducting. She loved playing chamber and orchestral music, including playing for LSU faculty chamber recitals and serving as the assistant concertmaster of the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra.
Along the way she also enjoyed many inspiring and edifying experiences as a teacher in addition to being a musician, including giving private lessons (children aged 7-16), providing instructions to undergraduate college students, as well as in group class settings for children’s orchestra (grades 2-5). I have a vision to guide students to enjoy playing music, to discover their inner potential and help them develop their musical talents.


Source from https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kHpfbVMGL1gsecQIwCPORrnfNGZ6qfP0v_wJmcFgOXw/edit