10. n3xt con N世代創新種子協會

About Us

N3XT CON 2017 is hosted by a group of Los Angeles based young professionals and entrepreneurs from various industries including tech, marketing, and finance. We believe that each and every individual has the potential to dictate his or her own future, and our mission is to help them along the path to forging their own future and making a difference in the world.

Our Mission

Provide a platform for aspiring individuals through inspirational stories, professional industry insight, and foresight into the newest technology trends.

​Each year, we host a variety of events including workshops, mentorship programs, networking events and our annual national conference. In 2016, we hosted one of the largest annual conferences in Southern California which drew over 600 working professionals.


n3xt con 的數字3取代英文字母e代表著創業所具備的精神3E「賦權Empower,參與Engage,提升Elevate」,希望年輕人透過論壇找到方向並且確認目標。


Posted in 05/2017