Neo Art League 加州新藝畫會

Neo Art League

Neo Art League was founded in 2006 by a group of professional artists from Taiwan who have made their homes in the United States. Nami Yang, a founding member, served as the association’s first president. The other founding members included Echo Lew, Huai-Shion Tsai, Gary Hung, Eiji Urata, Simon Tsai, Huan Hao Su, Tomi Yang, Shewo H Chang, and Stone Chen. For the past 13 years since its founding, the association has been exhibiting its artworks at the Taiwanese American Heritage Week in Orange County, an annual event held in May. The association also held a special exhibition in San Diego last year (2018).  In addition, the association has been invited on numerous occasions to exhibit in a multiethnic event-Art Walk  Day in Los Angeles. The patrons of the association’s exhibition consist mainly of art collectors, art critics, and other artists.

The list of past presidents includes Nami Yang, Huai-Shion Tsai, and Gary Hung. The current president of the association is Tomi Yang. Being professional artists, the members of the association are active in their respective artistic domains. Through hard work and dedication to their profession, the members are well loved and respected by art aficionados. The association members also interact frequently with the main-stream arts community. Throughout the years they have been invited to display their artworks in art centers and galleries in the City of San Francisco, Sun Ten Museum in California, North Carolina Museum of Art, CSUN University, Los Angeles Convention Center, Whittier Artist Gallery, Park Gallery of Whittier City, Presbyterian Church of Whittier, and in Arizona and New York. They have also exhibited in France (Paris), Taiwan, Japan, Italy, and other countries. The association members’ professional techniques are well respected as they have performed well in numerous competitions. Many of the members are recurrent participants of the Salon d’Automne in France.

The members of Neo Art League tend to be contemporary in their art genres. They are not afraid of creating new art.  They use media such as oil, acrylic, plaster, mixed-media, glass, computer graphics, pencils, ink, sculptures, etc., and are bold in trying out new media for achieving their creative goals. The members have also given speeches and art lessons to the art community.

新藝畫會史略 A Brief History of Neo Art League

新藝畫會是一群來自台灣定居美國的藝術工作者,於2006年由創會長李淑櫻與專業藝術工作者:劉 白、蔡蕙香、洪逸凡、謝榮慶、蔡正一、蘇奐豪、楊平猷、翁秀蕙、陳文石等所組成。成立迄今13年,每年五月受邀在橘縣台美人傳統週藝展,去年2018年加上在聖地牙哥的特展。另外,亦多次受邀在洛杉磯市多元族裔的“藝術遊走聯展一日行”展出,愛藝觀賞者多數為收藏家、藝評家及畫家等。


由於會員們都是專業藝術工作者,除了參與畫會的群組展出之外,也都各自在自己特殊表現的領域裡不斷的創作、展出,倍受觀賞者的喜愛與肯定。新藝畫會及成員們亦常常在主流藝界交流,歷年來曾受邀在City of San Francisco、Sun Ten Museum in California、 North Carolina Museum of Art、CSUN University、Los Angeles Convention Center、Whitter Artist Gallery、Park Gallery of Whittier City 、Presbyterian Church of Whittier、Arizona、New York、Paris、Taiwan、Japan、Italy…..等等作展。會員們的專業技法表現也屢屢在各類重要比賽中獲得優勝、無法計算其數。其中也有多位連續入選法國秋季沙龍者。


Source from Nami Yang

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Source from Taiwan Tribune #2235, 01/30/2009

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