48. Newsletter of T.A. Archives June, 2018

Taiwanese American Archives (台美史料中心) June 2018 issue NO. 38




·       Project of “Outstanding Taiwanese American”:

  1. We have collected about 250 T. A. and are preparing the presentation of each candidate to be submitted to                      the Selection Committee for evaluation.
  2. Please nominate candidates who have made contributions to the T. A. community, main stream society and their professional fields to us
  3. We are setting up a Selection Committee consisting of 10 to 15 T. A. for this project.
  4. The selected “Outstanding T. A. “ will be posted in T. A. Archives website and displayed in T. A. Archives Center.
  • Collections of Hats and Banners:

We have set up rooms for displaying hats and banners prepared by T. A. organizations or used by T. A. individuals . Please contact us if you can donate your hats and banners to us.

·       Collections of Your “Portrait” Paintings:

Please donate portrait painting of your self, either self-portrait or by other artists. We would like to display it in the Center. We prefer the size to be small to medium, such as up to 20 x 18” ( with or without frame)

  • Collections of Photos and Photo Albums of T. A. Organizations:

Please donate photos ( prints or e-photo) of important activities of your T. A. organizations. We can arrange it to make a photo album and displayed in the T. A. Archives Center.

  • Collections of Your Non-Professional Books:

If you have published or not published  non-professional books, we would like to collect your books. Please contact us.

  • Quilts of T. Shirts Prepared by T. A. Organizations:

Please donate T. Shirts prepared by your T. A. organizations. We are using it to make quilts for displaying in T. A. Archives Center.

  • “Private Collection” under Your Name:

We can post your published and non-published articles, documents, awards, honors, photos, tapes, videos in this section under your name. This provides you with one more public place for displaying your legacies to the public.

  • Book of “My Stories”:

We are selecting and re-arranging our current collection of 630 articles into following 4 categories:

  1. Autobiography
  2. Biography
  3. Activities
  4. Second Plus Generations

We will post the first draft copy in T. A. Archives’ website when completed for your inputs and suggestions before printing.

  • Book of “Our Journeys”:

The current version is posted in “ Encyclopedia” section of T. A. Archives’ website as shown in the link below:


·       “Videos” Collected in May 2018:

  1. Chabot Honoring Party 台灣旅行法推手夏波議員與老友李青泰等鄉親歡聚 5/1/18
  2. 典型在宿昔追思黃根深教授

·       “Publications” Collected in May 2018:

No. Publications # on website Titles of Publications Authors/Donors Published
1 1218 Journey of a Thousand Miles Ruey Yu (Donated by Dr. J. Shieh) 10/2017
2 1219 醫學趣談 黃錫勳 04/1994
3 1220 2017 Taiwanese Scholar Association in St. Louis (TSA-STL) Symposium 聖路易台灣學者協會2017年會手冊 TSA-SIL(Donated by Prof. L. Lye) 05/2017
4 1221 2018 Taiwanese Scholar Association in St. Louis (TSA-STL) Symposium 聖路易台灣學者協會2018年會手冊 TSA-SIL(Donated by Prof. L. Lye) 05/2018
5 1222 Taiwan Night 2018 Concert 2018華府台灣之夜音樂會 華府台灣文化中心(Donated by Dr. M. Chien) 05/2018
6 Program book of Asian Choral Festival Taiwan Center of Greater Los Angeles 05/2018


·       Progress in May 2018:

We collected 76 new entries in May. The total entry is 7846.

We also collected many additional new information to each existing subjects in the website.

·       Contact Us for Job Opening (Part-time and Full time)

Email: taarchivescenter@gmail.com