48. In memory of Wu-Lang Lee, Ph.D. 李五郎博士的生命禮讚/李五郎/2015/01

In memory of Wu-Lang Lee, Ph.D.



Wu-Lang Lee in boy scout uniform in Tou-Liu Middle School (1946).


College Education at National Taiwan University


Graduate Study in Rochester


Jen-Wen & Wu-Lang as best maid and best man in Dr. Lien-fu Huang and Majorie Huang’s wedding in Rochester, NY (1969).

4Calvin, Eric, Jen-Wen and Wu-Lang family portrait (1981).

5Wu-Lang received his Ph.D. from Univ. of Rochester (1982).

6Lee family portrait in Chandler, AZ (2006). Bruce Leung made this photo.


Wu-Lang and Jen-Wen Lee in a cruise portrait (2007)

14Jen-Wen and Wu-Lang posed in front of St. Peter Cathedral in Rome, Italy (2007).


Wu-Lang received a Director’s Award for his contribution to the “Making Work Pay” credit initiative in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to help stimulate economic recovery after near great depression in 2008.

8The citation of the Director’s Award. Wu-Lang also received an email from IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman, thanking him for the efforts (2009). This was the highlight of my government services.

9Wu-Lang, fourth from left in the 2nd row, posed with fellow Board of Directors in its annual celebration of the Taiwanese Americans Senior Society (TASS) in 2009.


Wu-Lang and Jen-Wen Lee with Mr. & Mrs. Dao-Zhong Xia and Calvin, Jing, Eric, Esther, and their children. From left: Ethan (Eric holding him), Emma (Esther holding her hand), Lizzie (Jing holding her), Patrick, and Abby. (2011).

10Wu-Lang and Jen-Wen with their children and grandchildren when Calvin and Jing visited Maryland (2011). From left: Esther holding Ethan and Emma, and Eric. From right: Jing holding Lizzie, Abby & Patrick in the front row, and Calvin.

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