1282. Humanity at Stake/Abraham Young/2008



PART 1: Breaking Silence for the Sake of Understanding

i. Chance meeting at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe; basement 12

ii. Moral dilemma of an American in war 14

iii. China as many things to as many people 17

iv. Step right up!: The kid from Taiwan; the kid from China; and the representative American voice 20

v. Engagement #1: My opinion, your opinion, my national media, your national media, and the origins of modern-day Taiwan 25

Images relating to Taiwan’s 2-28 Massacre 35

vi. Interim tit-for-tat: What in heaven and in hell is Taiwan—to whom? 38

vii. Engagement #2: Hawaii = a part of America. Taiwan != a part of China. 41

viii. Engagement #3: Taiwan’s “overreactions”—Why? China’s offensive weapons justification—Where? 49

PART 2: Stepping Forward for the Sake of Humanity

ix. A new approach to engagement 56

x. Where our conversation ends, and—in the answer of our silence—the single consensus, the precise next step that is inarguable and crucial for peaceful resolution on all sides 71

APPENDIX A: Author’s March 2004 online petition echoing Taiwan’s historic 2-28 Hand-in-Hand Rally: “Supporting the People of Democratic Taiwan Against China’s Missile Deployment” 76

APPENDIX B: May 13, 2008: Letter received by the author of Humanity At Stake from Member of Congress Ileana Ros-Lehtinen 82

POSTSCRIPT: Why? The reasons, in few words and and 1,000 explosive pictures across the page 84

POST-POSTSCRIPT: What’s at Stake 96

The Humanity At Stake Project 129


Donated by Dr. and Mrs. Ming Young

Posted on 06/2019