1323. Dragonfly Dreams/Jennifer J. Chow/2015



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Chapter 1: The Day I Died

Chapter 2: A Whole New World

Chapter 3: Red Egg and Ginger Party

Chapter 4: Shedding the Past, Rule 1

Chapter 5: The Birthday Grab

Chapter 6: The Fear of Water, Rule 2

Chapter 7: Bathtime Blues

Chapter 8: Never Say “God,” Rule 3

Chapter 9: Why I Died

Chapter 10: Bao’s Dark Choice

Chapter 11: The Price of Resting, Rule 4

Chapter 12: Planting Memories

Chapter 13: Going to the Witch’s House Chapter 14: Honoring Your Parents, Rule 5 Chapter 15: The Wedding

Chapter 16: Murder on the Mind, Rule 6

Chapter 17: Unleashing My Power

Chapter 18: Boy Meets Girl, Rule 7

Chapter 19: Restricting Willow

Chapter 20: Jasmine and Boys

Chapter 21: No Stealing, Rule 8

Chapter 22: The Mock Marriage

Chapter 23: Always Tell the Truth, Rule 9

Chapter 24: The Stranger Revealed

Chapter 25: No Interest in Others, Rule 10

Chapter 26: Locked in Jail

Chapter 27: Family Confrontation

Chapter 28: My Dragonfly Dream Acknowledgments:

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Author Resume

Jennifer J. Chow grew up in Fresno, but currently lives in Los Angeles. She’s the author of the award-winning multicultural novel, The 228 Legacy. She also writes the Winston Wong cozy mystery series. Follow her blog and connect with her on her website:


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