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The Formosa Furies – Flight for Freedom

by George T. Wu


I first set out to write this book to give my two kids an entertaining and educational means to better appreciate the free world, especially my birthplace of Taiwan. Of course, as a foodie, I also wanted to incorporate native foods wherever the Formosa Furies’ adventures took them. Great food is such an important aspect of ones5 culture and enables meaningful social exchange. It is the basis for any good relationship; for example, on the first date with my wife when she downed a plate of baby back ribs without breaking a sweat – at that moment I knew I was in love.

Through this experience I also came to recognize how fragile freedom and democracy can be. In these difficult times, our freedoms will be even more challenged, but sharing a good meal, staying hopeful, and maintaining a fighting spirit will get us through our current economic bad weather to find clearer skies.

I hope this book sparks in you a greater interest in other cultures and an appreciation of the freedoms we all take for granted.

-George T. Wu

Published in -/2009

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