Taiwan Photography Association in Greater New York (TPAGNY) 大紐約區台灣攝影學會 (紐約台灣攝影學會)

在李清澤教授的領導下,一群愛好攝影的台裔美人,於2005年初成立大紐約區台灣攝影學會 (紐約台灣攝影學會)。我們來自東方一個具有多種語言、多元文化的美麗島自由國度,因此我們要以道家與自然共舞的視野來創作出天人合一的攝影藝術作品。

我們認為「攝影即心影」,攝影本質上是拍攝與創造出我們心靈深 處的影相,因此,優質的攝影作品必能感動人的情感、理智與靈魂。


The Taiwan Photography Association in Greater New York (TPAGNY) was founded in 2005 by a group of Taiwanese-American photography aficionados under the leadership of Professor Ching-tse Lee. Its goal is to create photographic artwork with a holistic perspective. Our philosophy is “Photography is Mindography.” In essence photography focuses on the art of taking images of the heart, soul and mind; and in turn, creating from these images photographic artworks which touch upon the whole being, affecting emotional, intellectual and spiritual realms.

We strive to remember our homeland Taiwan, a beautiful island country with a rich multicultural and multilingual background through our images. In addition we seek more universal images, which fit with our philosophy. TPAGNY looks forward to creating and maintaining friendships with the mutual goal of sharing the art of photography. We welcome those who share our vision to join our Association. Feel free to contact us for further information.