597. Shun Dar Lin 林舜達 /2015/09

林舜達 教授


I0908151 林舜達

Prof. Shun Dar Lin
Birth Year
Birth Place
Taiwan Tainan
First year, first city and state arrived in the U.S.
1963, Cincinnati, Ohio
Chicago, IL
1. Wife: Mei-Ling Chang Lin 林章美玲
2. Son: 林滋盛
3. Daughter: 林滋琍
1. National Taiwan Univ.
B.S., Civil Engineering
2. Univ. of Cincinnati
M.S., Sanitary Engineering
3. Syracuse Univ.
Ph. D., Sanitary Engineering
1. Illinois Pollution Control Board
2008 – 2010
One of 5 board members
2. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1967 – 2002
Professor Emeritus
1. Water Quality Division Best Paper Award for “Giardia lamblia and Water Supply” from the American Water Works Association, 1986
2. Developed an enriched method for the recovery of fecal coliform in stressed environments. The methods was adopted by “the Standard Methods for exanimations of water and wastewater”
3. Life member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Water Works Association, and the Water Environment Federation
4. In charge of “Annual Environmental Protection Short Courses for Taiwanese;” (1989-1995), U. of Illinois Continued Education
5. Honorable Consultant for the Dept. of Environmental Protection, Taipei County, 1996-97
6. “Year 2000 Service Award for Serving Taiwan communities” by the New Jersey Taiwanese Assoc.
Publication(Non-professional ones)
1. 長生操 “Long Live Exercises,” by元氣齋, Taipei City, Taiwan; pp 171, 2004
Taiwanese songs (Kala OK); stocks investments; teach exercises; watch Pro-football games