20. A tribute to Jeremy Lin (向林書豪 致敬) by Artist Susan Hsiu-fang Liu (陳秀芳) / 2015


向林書豪 致敬A tribute to Jeremy Lin

by 陳秀芳 Susan Hsiu-fang Liu, Oil on canvas 36” x 24”

這幅畫描述台美族第二代林書豪,第一位進入美國職業籃球隊的台美人, 嬰兒時就緊抱著籃球,父母及全家的支持,虔誠的基督教信仰,哈佛的大學教育,創造奇蹟似的「林來瘋現象」,成爲Times 雜誌的封面人物。

This painting depicts Jeremy Lin, a second generation American; the first Taiwanese American NBA player. From holding a basket ball as a baby, with full family support, strong Christian faith, and a Harvard education, he created “Linsanity” and became one of Time magazine cover stories.