1728. Helen Wang 方惠音

English Name Helen Wang  

Hanji Name 方惠音
Birth Year
Birth Place Pingtung, Taiwan
First year / First city / State in U.S. 1977/ Flushing /NY
Address NY
Family 1. Husband: 王康德
2. Daughter: —
3. Son: —
Education School Name Year – Year Degree and major
1. National Defense Medical Center (國防醫學院)

B.S., Nurse
Employment Company Name Year – Year Position or title
1. National Defense Medical Center (國防醫學院)

Head of Nursing
2. Federal Government

Civil servants
Accomplishment 1. President of North American Taiwanese Women’s Association (北美洲台灣婦女會總會會長) 1992-1993

2. President of Taiwanese American Association/Greater New York Chapter (大紐約區台灣同鄉會會長) 1988

3. Manager of New York Taiwan Center Senior Choir Group (台灣會館老人合唱團團長) 2008-2018

4. President of Formosan Association For Human Rights (全美台灣人權協會會長) 2006

5. Vice President of New York Taiwan Center

5. Outstanding Taiwanese American Elected by T.A. Archives in 10/2018


Source from美東台灣人夏令會07/2011