2155. Dr. Suy Ming (Sam) Chou 周烒明博士

English Name Dr. Suy Ming (Sam) Chou  

Hanji Name 周烒明博士
Birth Year 1930-2018
Birth Place Tokyo, Japan
First year / First city / State in U.S. 1958/Madison/WI
Family 1. Wife: 吳秀惠
2. Daughter: —
3. Son: —
Education School Name Year – Year Degree and major
1. National Taiwan Univ. College of Medicine


2. Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

Employment Company Name Year – Year Position or title
1. Univ. of Virginia School of Medicine


Resident physician, teaching assistant
2. Cleveland Clinic


Director of Psychopathology
Accomplishment 1. International Renowned Neuropathology Scholar

2. The First President of the North American Taiwanese Medical Doctor Association(NATMA)(北美洲台灣人醫師協會) 1984

3. Co-Founder of United Formosans in America for Independence (全美台灣獨立聯盟發起人之一) 1966

4. Co-Founder of Taiwanese American Parkinson Association(台美人柏金森互助會發起人之一) 1996

5. Deputy Chairman of the American Neuropathological Society.

6. Awarded the highest honorary award for foreigners by the National Brain and Neurological Society of Japan.

7. Outstanding Taiwanese American Elected by T.A. Archives in 09/2018

Hobby Painting, Music