327. Fu-Mei Wu Chen 陳吳富美/2015/03

English Name Fu-Mei Wu Chen  



Hanji Name 陳吳富美
Birth Year 1943
Birth Place Tainan,Taiwan (台南市)
First year / First city / state in U.S. 1967/Pittsburg/Kansas
Address Louisiana
Family 1. Husband: 陳榮成
2. Daughter: Sonya,Tonya, Patricia
3. Son: Oliver
Education School Name Year –Year Degree and major
1. National Taiwan Univ. 1965 B. S. Economics
2. Pittsburg Univ. 1969 M.S. Mathematics
Employments Company Name Year –Year Position or title
1. Computer Sciences Corp. 1969 Computer Programmer
2. Northwestern State Univ. of Louisiana 1979 Computer Programmer
3. Brass House, Inc. Till now VP/Treasure
4.G.H.K.M.Foundation/Acu-Hematite Foundation now VP
Accomplishment 1. Raising 4 outstanding children (撫養四個愛媽媽的小孩子)



2. Self-Help Acu-Hematite Therapy (12/2014)

3. Life is Impermanent  Let True Nature Take its Course in process


Hobby Show people how to use hematite stones to massage acupoints;Writing