25. Prof. Ming Min Peng ( 彭明敏教授) By Artist Susan Hsiu-fang Liu(陳秀芳)/2019

Prof. Ming Min Peng ( 彭明敏教授)

By 陳秀芳 Susan Hsiu-fang Liu, oil on canvas, 16” x 20”(w)

Professor Ming Min Peng published ”Declaration of Formosan Self-Salvation” on 09/20/1964, and was put to jail for 13 months. After that, he was under close surveillance and his life was threatened. On 01/02/1970, with the help from American missionaries Mr. & Mrs. Thomberry and other Americans and Japanese friends, he dressed up as a Japanese musician with an injured left hand and escaped successfully. Peng lost his left arm in Japan due to US military aircraft bombing during World War II. He replaced the left prosthetic arm with an injured hand. Peng is the pioneer of the Taiwanese Self-Determination Movement.

彭明敏教授因於09/20/1964發表『台灣人民自救運動宣言』,被監禁13 個月,出獄後全家一直受嚴密監視,生命難保。1970年1月2日在美籍傳教士Thomberry 夫婦及幾位美國、日本人的協助下,打扮成左手受傷的樂師,刻意把左手義肢取出,裝成骨折受傷(彭明敏二戰期間在日本因美國軍機炸射失去左臂),逃離台灣成功。彭教授是台灣人民自決運動的啟蒙先驅。