Tainan High Schools Alumni Association of Northern America 北美台南市校友暨同鄉會(台南同鄉同學會)



Tainan High Schools Alumni Association of Northern America

  1. Mei Sing Huang invited a group of alumni of Tainan First High and Tainan Girls’ High for dinner party at a restaurant in Mid-town Manhattan, New York May 1983 to form the preliminary Tainan High Alumni Association. Consequently, she was elected at the site as President of the organization.
  2. The following year, Tom C.H. Su took over the position commencing the job of compiling name list, printing name booklets. Invited Dr. Tsing-Fang Chen serving as the keynote speaker at the first annual banquet lecturing the modern art.
  3. Michael Yeun, 5th President expanded alumni to include all high schools in Tainan. As a result, members increased from a small group to over 100 members.
  4. Philip Chang, 7th – 8th President legalized the organization and registered the name as Tainan High Schools Alumni Association of Northern America, Inc. in the State of New Jersey in 1989. Authorized Catherine T.L. Hwang, CPA as the Accountant representing this organization engaging in legalization of IRS recognized none-profit organization. Raised reserved fund from $240 to $1,700. Published the premiere THSAA Directory 1992-1993. Held the annual banquet conference at newly opened Sheraton Tara banquet hall in Parsippany NJ that established the long-term format of annual conference for THSAA.
  5. Marian Tsai, 9th President carried on the expanding alumni policy that encouraged all high school alumnus of Tainan joining THSAA. Suggested computerizing data process and communication that paved the way in advanced handling later days. Detailed also updated members’ name list including business address and phone number.
  6. Shou-Shan Hwang, 10th President completed final procedure that IRS ratified this organization as a none-profit status in 1993. Received Exempt Organization Permit from the state of NJ and NY in the same year. Established scholarship awards rules and conditions.
  7. Thomas H.C. Lee, 12th President, the first time distributed two THSAA scholarship awards $500 each to two distinguished high school seniors. (1994)
  8. H. L. Liao, 14th President designed and custom made a flag for this organization. Reserved fund increased to over $5,000.
  9. Thomas T. Lin, 17th President registered domain to launch web site. Invested $8,000 in stock market in 1999.
  10. Doris Ku, 18th President, organized a group of 30 traveling to meet Taiwan President, A-Bian who was an alumnus of Tainan 1st High School.
  11. Tom C.H. Su, 20th President setup investment fund and committee. Installed an addendum, which was for the investment fund management to By-Laws. Organized a group visiting Tong-Pi Chen, Taiwan representative in Canada. For keynote speakers at the annual banquet, he invited Tain-Tsai Hsu, Tainan Mayor in 2003 and John Liu, Assembly Representative of NY City in 2004. He also personally visited several high school principals in Tainan.
  12. Richard C.S. Lee, 22nd – 23rd President boosted the annual banquet conference in 2006 that number of attendants the first time ever exceeded 200. Invited Dr. Lung Chu Chen as keynote speakers at the annual banquet in 2006 and Dr. Edward Chen in 2007 when retired from President that promoted alumni’s enthusiastic over Taiwan sovereignty. He also served as the chairman of Friend of A-Bian in New York and New Jersey during THSAA President tenure that encouraged members paying more attention on Taiwan election.
  13. Ah-Lan Huang, 24th – 25th President, took over the accountant job from Catherine Hwang, CPA who was retiring, effective the tax return 2007.