MTSC 2014

Dear my friends,

Rain, the editor, also the President of the TAA of the Ohio Columbus Chapter asked me to write a page of welcome asap. Well, I didn’t know which language that I should use. I am not Chinese but I know Chinese. I am Taiwanese but I am not capable of writing good Taiwanese by using PC. I am not a native bom American but I am a naturalized American and have been paying taxes for many years. My kids were bom in here and I will most likely die here even though I wasn’t bom here. People ask me where I was bom. ” Taiwan!” What kind of language does Taiwanese use and write? I feel guilty and lonely because I am totally lost. Because of this, I need to practice to gain more fluent Taiwanese language skills. I refused to use Chinese to write because I refused to expose my poor Taiwanese writing skills to the public, so please pardon me for using English here.

We may have met or passed by somewhere in Taiwan but then we meet again in the States. The conference brings us together to learn from each other, to meet new friends or renew old friendships, to understand our languages and culture, to bring our dreams together, to improve our daily life in science or in any aspect or to find your future son- or daughter-in-law. This is the only place where we all know each other and that we know we all love Taiwan- do not forget about it because in our life times we once been there- the Formosa.

The following is a break down of rooms where many activities will take place.

MTSC Room’s Map

  • Room 1210: General Meeting Room for Board meeting, Committee meeting, and Taiwanese Language Classes
  • Room 1212: Art Exhibition by Pei-Chin Andrew
  • Room 1216: Marriot Vacation Club “Cruise for two drawing”
  • Shawnee Room performance changing room for performers.
  • Salon I: Vendor’s Display and Sales: DVDs, CDs, books, drawing ticket box collection, fund raising box, and donation box.
  • Salon I & II: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night dessert. Badge and food vouchers are required to enter and be served food without having to pay full restaurant price.
  • Salon III & IV: Conference Auditorium. A Badge is required to enter.

Welcome to Columbus, Ohio! Thanks for giving me an opportunity to create a new stage of using English to write for the Midwest Summer Conference for you. Please at lease treat yourself as in your home・


Rachel Burroughs 李瑞霞

2014 Midwest Summer Conference Coordinator 夏令會總召集人