1310. 千萬個祝福 Abundant Blessings/吳英俊/2008


Author Preface

Dear friends, colleagues, and fellow music lovers:

Praise the Lord! As I approach the half a century milestone, God continues to encourage and mold me. These past few years. He has inspired me to take a different turn in my life, with respect to music ministry; doing things that I’ve never done before. God is my muse and He makes my soul sing, my spirit worship, and my being tell of His greatness. This album, Abundant Blessings, was gifted to me. God used my hands and heart as His vessels for His purposes. He has bestowed upon me the gift of music to bear witness to His greatness.

Since childhood, my father noticed my love for singing, even though my voice had not been spectacular. I also did not know how play piano. And so, I was sent to a piano teacher, Mr. Lei Rong Chang, to begin my music lessons. My impression of the first few years of learning piano was not very inspired; all I knew was that the teacher would assign me new pieces each week, and by the next week 1 would have mastered them. By middle school, I have played many Bach and Mozart works, improving greatly and placing more expression into each piece. At home I would always practice on time, and soon my expression for music has matured and developed.

One day, my father encouraged me, saying that I play Bach very well and in a very inspirational way, that maybe I should have Bach as my English name. Because of my love for music, I realized that this was God’s will, for Him, along with my father, to prepare me for this moment so that I may use my music to reciprocate my offering to God. So I began to compose often, while singing daily, using music to praise his Name.

In high school, I started to learn more about composition, and my works had much to do with Taiwan’s art culture, composed for chamber music or the church choir. Until three years ago, I’ve discovered the joy praise and worship songs, and how they can be as equally inspiring. The Holy Spirit kept tugging at my heart, sowing the seed of conviction within me, and I said to Him, “I’ve never written praise lyrics before, how would I be able to do so?”

Many people say that it’s simpler to write long passages and stories, but to write lyrics and poetry that captivate the heart and soul is not an easy feat. I was hoping to find short passages readily available, allowing me to turn them into music. Yet after awhile, with no lyrics in sight, I had to turn to God for inspiration in both lyrics and melodies, and soon both improved upon one another. God’s spirit is real and accessible, and all those songs and lyrics were created in the small town of Chino Hills.

The music draws from the epiphanies of my heart. While sharing my compositions with my church choir members, they encouraged me to publish these inspiring melodies that praise God. I wanted to have the message of God’s love to be spread far and wide, I established the Cedar Music and began production.

Publishing music was not my specialty and there were many obstacles. I had no idea how to begin, whom to go to, and where the funds are going to come from. In the face of all these difficulties, I meditated upon God’s words and it encouraged me. I know God has abundant blessings waiting for me to claim. I firmly believe that the blessings that He has prepared for me are beyond what I could ever dream of. During this period of uncertainty, my soul mate (wife) and I prayed with fervent heart, laid before God all of our needs, concerns, worries, and anxieties.

God took mercy and blessed me in abundance by providing me with the following solutions:

1) Sought out famous Hollywood professional Christian composers, Mark and Daniel, for their excellent compositions and sound mixing and instrumentals

2) My fellow brothers and sisters from church who have prayed for this production, and also providing me with financial support

3) The talented and committed fellowship members, backup singers, CD cover designer and book editors

I had thought that serving God means taking dramatic actions or having major funding. Through my intimacy with God, I realize that although I am of little faith, God has already enveloped me in His love and mercy. His abundant blessings have already been laid out front of me, but all I could see were my own limitations.

So today, I say that God is a bountiful supplier, Hallelujah! I want my first music production to be offered as a glory to God. I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that this music, full of life, can bring everyone to a closer and deeper understanding of Jesus Christ and his love.




The Beautiful Life


Your Mighty Power Changes Me


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My Heart Sings Joyfully in the Morning


The Blue Print of Life


Abundant Blessings


Waiting for Father God


I am Jesus’ Precious Child


In Jesus I Have Love


Thankfulness During Despair


With only Gratefulness & Joyfulness


Jesus with Me on This Long Road



Jesus with Me on This Long Road


The Beautiful Life


Donated by Bach Ying-Chun Wu

Posted on 07/2019